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Digital Drug Lab

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One thing that will definitely be available as very frequent bonuses for for members of access reality and covert hypnosis management there will be frequent installments of carefully selected and produced isochronic tones

Which are tones that have therapeutic or other active benefits or even just effect and combining various isochronic tones musical notes frequency sound frequencies

Together you can produce different kinds of binaural beats and if they are positioned to the left ear and the right ear using headphones specifically or really well placed stereo speakers and earbuds

Also you can produce different types of hemispheric synchronization events as most recent history popularized and made well known by robert monroe founder of the monroe institute and creator of hemisync or hemispheric synchronization from which I derive the name of my brand of binaural beats from which is demi phase or demi cerebral neural phasing

And all of my productions are carefully designed using a proprietary system for selecting frequencies and also borrowing from the public domain and any of the lore and literature about vibrational

Meditation binaural beats isochronic tones and anything having to do with these different types of sound healing and sound based modalities for me created in a digital drug lab because all of the demicerebral neurophage using effects that I’m targeting for the most part be produced using computer based system software

By using software and computers to very precisely target the exact frequency tones notes that I want and to position them in digital space to the left and right panning and also creating multidimensional and multilayered soundscapes for meditation

And most of these soundscapes are very useful I found for relaxation meditation sleep lucid dreaming and related things beyond that like astral travel and other metaphors physical experiences

So members of covert hypnosis management and or access reality have an unlimited library of these frequency formulas to choose from for various purposes

And this exclusive access also means that none of the frequency formulas or anything else that you get with this membership as directly part of the exclusive offerings

There will be no ads no advertisements on these audio streams and downloads and podcasts no ads not for any of the paid stuff anything else is open to whatever the free providers like youtube and so on offer

They’ll do whatever they want with their marketing just as I’ll do with mine so yeah prepare for some amazing binaural beat tones and demi phase offerings very frequently

I just released one called hana no sashim which is flowers spirit it’s an amazing tone in my thanatology demi phase series actually so that one was just released in the membership