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Covert Reality

(Grand Master Guru) The following text is simply a copy and paste of an automatically generated transcript produced by the language processing system built in to the Callin app. I did not alter it in any way. You can listen to the story by clicking on one of the following links.


It’s important that you not be able to distinguish whether or not serious or believe a lot of the stuff that I’m saying and a lot of things I’m talking about

In this case even though I am referencing an esteemed institution and something that I learned from there my recollection could be very skewed by various things poor memory

My emotions my own agenda so purely for entertainment purposes you will learn a lot about yourself because you’ll learn a lot about hypnosis and how all hypnosis is self hypnosis and these laws of self hypnosis

I first learned from the hypnosis motivation institute in tarzana california as a student there earning a degree in clinical hypnosis becoming a master hypnotist

So come along with me for some details from the metaphysical and physical realms through which a hypnotist journeys learning about yourself and achieving and conquering all along the way